I Didn't Know My Own Strength

  • Альбом
  • Дата
    2009 г.
  • Автор(ы)
    Diane Warren
  • Продюсер(ы)
    David Foster
  • Lost touch with my soul
    I had nowhere to turn
    I had nowhere to go
    Lost sight of my dream
    Thought it would be the end of me
    I thought I'd never make it through
    I had no hope to hold on to
    I, I thought I would break

    I didn't know my own strength
    And I crashed down, and I tumbled
    But I did not crumble
    I got through all the pain
    I didn't know my own strength
    Survived my darkest hour
    My faith kept me alive
    I picked myself back up
    Hold my head up high
    I was not built to break
    I didn't know my own strength

    Found hope in my heart
    I found the light to life
    My way out the dark
    Found all that I need
    Here inside of me, oh
    I thought I'd never find my way
    I thought I'd never lift that weight
    I thought I would break


    There were so many times
    I wondered how I'd get through the night
    I thought I took all that I could take


    I was not built to break, no no
    I got to know my own strength

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