Dear John Letter

  • Альбом
  • Дата
    2002 г.
  • Автор(ы)
    Kevin Briggs, Dwight Reynolds, Patrice Stewart
  • Продюсер(ы)
    Kevin Briggs
  • I'm sitting here
    in my own head
    thinking how
    you can be staring in
    got my number 2
    and I'm writing you
    contemplating on
    the way we were with each of you
    on the fire place
    with the mailman
    should I tellya
    or should I hold it in
    if my heart wasn't in it
    baby, you can just forget it
    I'd be gone in a New York minute

    You never give me attention
    I know you don't have bad attentions for us
    so I'm writing you
    but, I always fail to mention
    cause you know I really don't like to fuss
    so I'm gonna hold it in

    I'm writing you a dear John letter
    I tried to try to stay
    but it never got better
    I couldn't tell you face to face
    but I, I have to let you know
    sometimes I want to hit the door
    I'm writing you dear John

    sometimes I think
    that I've had enough
    my hand's freezing
    and I can't write fast enough
    I wanna get away
    but I can't obey
    when my heart speaks
    you know I'm listening
    somedays, I'm ready to jet and
    somedays, I wouldn't forget and
    somedays, I'm still in love with you
    somedays, I'm sad and blue

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